Looking for a tent that sets up and down easily and quickly? Look no further, 3 Secs Tent allows you to set-up easily in seconds! 3 Secs Tent will change your perspective and experience of camping

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Over 56,000 5-star Reviews

  • Such a relief to set up tent quickly & easily after hiking

    "My husband, our dog and myself did a 3 day hike on the Appalchian Trail. After a strenuous day of hiking it was such a relief to set up our tent quickly and easily!!! Houston, our dog, was the first one in every night!!"

    -Lisa H.
    Family Package Set

    Was hesitant but tents are lightweight & easy to pack

    "Brilliant! I was hesitant when ordering because I didn't want another heavy item but the tents are both light weight and easy to pack! It sets up within 2 minutes and packs away easily within 5 mins. the netting in the door is great to let air through without bugs! Love them both."

    -Cheryl M.
    Family Package Set

  • So quick to set up and take down and compact to travel with

    "This tent worked great on our cross country road trip this summer. We tented at a KOA in Buffalo, Wyoming, on our way to Ywllowstone. It was so quick to set up and take down and compact to travel with."

    -Linda G.
    Small-Sized 3 Secs Tent

    Took me less than 30 seconds to setup in the dark

    "We arrived late evening it took me less than 30 seconds to setup my tent in the DARK. My team member could not setup her tent till the next day morning. Best purchase I have made, I camp from my motorcycle!"

    -Mehdi S.
    Large-Sized 3 Secs Tent

  • So great for my motorcycle trips

    "It's awesome I use it for my motorcycle trips goes up and down so quick!! I'm having a beer watching my buddy put a regular tent up!!."

    -Howard K.
    Small-Sized 3 Secs Tent

    My friend had a "Regular" tent & she was jealous of mine

    "It's super easy to set up. It was a little harder to take down but once I knew how to do it, it was fine. My friend had a "regular" tent and she was jealous of mine!"

    -Dawn S.
    Small-Sized 3 Secs Tent