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This Innovative Camping Brand Shook Up The Camping Industry With Their 3 Secs Tent That Took Social Media by Storm & Sold out 14 Times in a Row

Experience the instant thrill of the 3 Secs Tent - your ultimate outdoor sanctuary. This smart designed shelter sets up in seconds, giving you extra time to enjoy the great outdoors. Embrace quick and easy setup, enjoy more time exploring, and step out into nature feeling energized and ready for adventure.


Written by Reactive Outdoor
Tuesday, September 12th, 2023


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Camping industry giants were missing something...

Thomas Wilson, an entrepreneur born in the United States, who faced outdoor challenges when he started camping. His passion for exploration, ignited in college, was hindered by cumbersome tent setups that drained his enthusiasm. Frustrated by time-consuming assemblies, he knew there had to be a better way.

Driven by a desire for seamless outdoor experiences, Thomas embarked on a quest to revolutionize camping. Little did he know, this journey would unveil not just a solution for himself, but a game-changing innovation benefiting campers worldwide – introducing the 3 Secs Tent.

As Thomas ventured into the world of camping, he met others facing camping troubles. They tried many tents, but often had problems with tricky setups that wasted time.

It seemed that the big camping brands kept selling more complex tents, some with unnecessary parts. This caused frustration and cost a lot of money.

That's when Thomas and a team of camping experts created the 3 Secs Tent, a total game-changer. It's super quick to set up, breaking free from the norms set by big companies.

The 3 Secs Tent embodies an intelligent design that comprehends the needs of campers. It takes away the stress of setting up and lets you enjoy outdoor fun right away, no complications. Imagine a tent that sets up in seconds, creating an easy and fast camping experience. The 3 Secs Tent redefines how we camp, giving us the freedom to explore the outdoors without any hassles.

Which of These 10 Features Are You Most Interested in?

Reactive Outdoor's 10 Secrets To an Exciting Camping Experience

Perfect tent for an outdoor lover like you

Have you ever experienced the frustration of setting up a tent? Well, say goodbye to those struggles with the amazing 3 Secs Tent! This incredible camping tent allows you to effortlessly set it up in a matter of seconds, and the best part is that you can do it entirely on your own.

The 3 Secs Tent utilizes an advanced pre-assembled mechanism that simplifies the entire setup process. Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to the world of outdoor adventures, this tent is a game-changer.

Easy to pack

Packing up a tent and fitting it back into the carrying bag can be quite a hassle and often ends up in a mess. However, with the 3 Secs Tent, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that it's not only a breeze to set up but also incredibly convenient to pack. We assure you, we're not making false claims! You simply have to experience it for yourself to believe it!

One person sets up & takes down

Love camping by yourself but struggle to set up the tent alone? We have the perfect solution for independent campers like yourself: the amazing one person setup & take down 3 Secs Tent. With this camping tent, you no longer need to rely on others for help. Imagine the freedom and satisfaction of effortlessly setting up and taking down your tent entirely on your own! 

Waterproof (3000mm) & double wall

With a waterproof rating of 3000mm and a double-wall design, the 3 Seconds Tent has been thoroughly tested and proven to excel in rainy and windy conditions. Embrace a camping excursion without concerns on your next trip!

Holds up to strong wind & durable freestanding structure

The 3 Secs Tent is designed to handle windy weather. It comes with stakes and guy lines for extra security in bad conditions. Plus, its sturdy freestanding design lets you move around the tent even after it's set up.

Mesh window & doors

Comfortable & spacious

Whether you're camping with friends or family, the 3 Secs Tent offers comfort and ample space. It's even roomy enough to comfortably accommodate a queen-size air mattress.

Light & compact

Weighing just 8lbs, the 3 Secs Tent is both lightweight and compact, making it incredibly convenient for various camping scenarios. Whether you're embarking on a short trip, heading to a festival, or spending time at the beach, its portability ensures easy transportation.

For a limited time, you can save up to 62% when you purchase a bundle of 3 Secs Tent


Customers love 3 Secs Tent so sold out 14x in a row

When Thomas and his team introduced the 3 Secs Tent, they couldn't have foreseen that over 56,830 happy campers from across 10 countries would snag more than 105,000 tents in a blink.

Because of this constantly increasing demand and many people inquiring for multiple tents at a time, the team at Reactive Outdoor now decided to offer:

Limited Time bundle...that can save customers up to 62%!

This promotion will surely be appreciated by Reactive Outdoor fans but will likely make the current stocks sell out even quicker than the previous ones - especially as the customers' word of mouth got influencers, bloggers and journalists falling in love with 3 Secs Tent too:

Limited Time bundle...that can save customers up to 62%!

  • Laurie D.

    “3 seconds tent: Absolutely!! When I saw the video, I thought, "This is too good to be true". For the first time, I have been proven wrong. When it comes to set up and take down, this is the best tent I have ever used! This was perfect for a quick setup when we camped on a wilderness campsite!”

  • Rodney S.

    “It's been great for me when I go to the beach. I fill two bags with sand just in case the wind gets too intense. I have spent many days at the beach since being the owner of this great tent.”

  • Sherri M.

    “I absolutely love these tents! It was very easy to set up and takedown, and I had no problem getting them to fit back into their bags! So glad I bought them!”

For a limited time, you can save up to 62% when you purchase a bundle of 3 Secs Tent


How 3 Secs Tent is Changing the Camping Game

Reactive Outdoor 3 Secs Tent tackles 3 major camping hassles. That's probably one of the reasons why customers can't get enough of it!


Setting up

Taking down


The Challenge

Slow setup

Struggle to take down

Hard to pack

Too many poles

Single wall

Reactive Outdoor 3 Secs Tent

Fast setup

Easy take down

Easy to pack

No unattached poles

Double wall

You no longer have to "get used to" camping with a traditional tent.
Find out why.

Can Camping Tent Setup Be THIS Easy...
And Fast?

3 Secs Tent already has over five thousand 5-star reviews and more keep flowing in every week! That makes some campers wonder if camping tent setup can really be this easy.

Unlike most big brands in the camping industry, Reactive Outdoor is all for transparency and provides customers with the best quality. Not only that, when purchasing 3 Secs Tent, you can rest assured that:

3 Secs Tent is 100% crafted with high-quality materials

It's suitable for all campers

It's fast

It's easy

It's waterproof

It's no surprise that the 3 Secs Tent is capturing hearts and becoming a go-to choice, uniting campers who come back for more, adventure after adventure.

"I have camped three times in my reactive outdoor tent. I love it."

- Ben Z.

"The customer service was excellent!"

- Andrew N.

"My friends bought this tent the last time we went camping, it poured the entire night, and their tent stayed dry while mine didn’t! I knew I had to buy it right away."

- Daisy T.

For a limited time, you can save up to 62% when you purchase a bundle of 3 Secs Tent


Real People, Real Experience

People of all different ages and camping experience are reporting positive feedback:

Daniel was amazed by how quickly the tent sets up and take down:

"This tent worked great on our cross-country road trip last summer. We tented at a KOA in Richmond Hill, Georgia, on our way down south. It was so quick to set up and take down and compact to travel with. Material quality is great, held up in the rain a few nights. Overall happy experience!"

- Daniel

Willie has been loving the easy set up and its light weight:

"I was surprised, it really did only take 3 seconds to pop up. Also quick and easy to put down and pack up. Remember to gently pull the main frame joints to fold up when packing up (not on directions). Really light to carry, it has excellent ventilation. Recommend."

- Willie

Loved By People Around the World

Get It While You Still Can

The new batch of 3 Secs Tents has arrived, and outdoor enthusiasts are excited. People are talking about our special deals, and our supplies are getting low.

Our 3 Secs Tents are carefully made in small groups, using top-quality materials. Once our current tents are sold out, it might be a while before we have more in stock.

Don't miss out on our great deals with Limited Time Bundle, saving you up to 62%. Get ready to enjoy the outdoors with the quick and easy 3 Secs Tent!

For a limited time, you can save up to 62% when you purchase a bundle of 3 Secs Tent



New camper friendly

"If you are a new camper or a veteran camper these are perfect tents. Easy set up and easy take down. I just bought another one for my niece and her husband who live in Salt Lake City"

- Sam B.

Verified Buyer


Loving it

"My husband, our dog and myself did a 3 day hike on the Appalachian Trail. After a strenuous day of hiking it was such a relief to set up our tent quickly and easily!!! Houston, our dog, was the first one in every night!"

- Lisa H.

Verified Buyer


Great product

"Brilliant! I was hesitant when ordering because I didn’t want another heavy item but the tents are both light weight and easy to pack! It sets up within 2 minutes and packs away easily within 5 mins. The netting in the door is great to let air through without bugs! Love them both."

- Andy M.

Verified Buyer

For a limited time, you can save up to 62% when you purchase a bundle of 3 Secs Tent


For a limited time, you can save up to 62% when you purchase a bundle of 3 Secs Tent